Consun goes to all lengths to meet safety regulations and enable environmentally responsible operations. We ensure that the safety of our employees and the public is one of the company's core values. To ensure this, Consun implements a number of different training schemes which comply with Alberta OH&S Standards.

Consun ensures that each employee uses the training given to enable the safety of themselves, co-workers and the company's resources.

As well as quality and productivity, we believe that safety and environmental protection are key to measuring our company’s performance. We therefore take care in managing industry wastes and assessing environmental risks. We also work to protect the environment and support wildlife conservation.

We encourage our employees to suggest/recommend new ideas for ways of working to enable us to stay safe, and innovative, within the working environment.

Safety  is an integral part of the corporate philosophy, culture, operations, contract performance and service delivery of Consun.  Instead of providing the usual safety hype and policy statements, Consun decided to let its safety record speak for itself.


  • 2016 Employer Premium Rate $0.99
  • 2015 Employer Premium Rate $1.06
  • 2014 Employer Premium Rate $1.10
  • 2013 Employer Premium Rate $1.13


  • 2016  •  Industry Rate $1.54  •  35.64% discount
  • 2015  •  Industry Rate $1.49  •  28.64% discount
  • 2014  •  Industry Rate $1.64  •  32.86% discount
  • 2013  •  Industry Rate $1.86  •  39.29% discount


  • ISNetWorld
  • Comply Works • PICS
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association • Certificate of Recognition
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association • Member
  • Wood Buffalo Safety Committee • Voting Member & Secretary Partner in Injury Reduction
  • Alberta Motor Transport Board • Safety Fitness Certificate
  • Alberta Labour Safety Codes Council • Member
  • Alberta Private Water & Sewage Systems
  • Standard of Practice (Disposal/Installation) • Member
  • National Construction Safety • Full time Certified National Construction Safety Administrator
  • Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association • Member in Good Standing